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Codes of Ethics

  • The ICN Code of Ethics for Nurses - revised in 2000, is a guide for action based on social values and needs. The Code has served as the standard for nurses worldwide since it was first adopted in 1953. The new version, revised for the first time in 27 years, responds to the realities of nursing and health care in a changing society.

  • American Nurses Association: Code for Nurses -  "The Code for Nurses is based on belief about the nature of individuals, nursing, health and society. Nursing encompasses the promotion and restoration of health the prevention of illness and the alleviation of suffering. The statements of the Code and their interpretation provide guidance for conduct and relationship in carrying out nursing responsibilities consistent with the ethical obligations of the profession and quality in nursing care."
  • Australian Nursing Council, Code of Ethics - The Code of Ethics was developed under the auspices of the ANC, Royal College of Nursing, Australia and the Australian Nursing Federation, and was first published in 1993 and revised in 2002.
    The Code of Ethics identifies the moral commitment of the profession and provides nurses with a basis for professional and self-reflection and a guide to ethical practice.

  • BIOETHICS.NET - The MIT Press & bioethics education network Editorial offices at Penn Bioethics and Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics.

  • Canadian Nurses Association's Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses - The Code of Ethics is published as Appendix A in the AARN Nursing Practice Standards publication.

  • Code of Ethics, Emergency Nurses - from the Louisiana Council of the Emergency Nurses Association.

  • Codes of Ethics Online (Health) - Centre for Study of Ethics in the Professions, Illinois Institute of Technology

  • Code of practice for the diagnosis of brain stem death - In March 1998 the Department of Health (UK) issued this code of practice for the diagnosis of brain stem death. It contains definitions of death and procedures for the diagnosis of brain stem death. It also includes guidelines for the management of potential organ and tissue donors, and the roles of relatives and transplant co-ordinators. The document is available in PDF format, which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  • Ethical and legal issues in nutrition, hydration, and feeding : position of the ADA - This is the position statement of the American Dietetic Association regarding ethical and legal issues in nutrition, hydration and feeding of persons throughout the life span. The document sets out a framework for individual feeding recommendations, considering ethical issues, legal issues, cultural and religious positions, and lifespan and diagnostic issues. In addition, the document includes summary guidelines for feeding, and guidelines for collaborative ethical deliberation.

  • EthicsWeb.ca Your Canadian window on ethics resources, national and international.

  • International Code of Ethics for health care sites and services on the Internet - On Wednesday, May 24, 2000 the eHealth Ethics Initiative introduced an International Code of Ethics for health care sites and services on the Internet.

  • Midwives rules and code of practice : UKCC - This document draws together rules relating to the education and practice of midwives, providing a source of reference to relevant legislation for all midwives. Published by the Nursing & Midwifery Council (previously the United Kingdom Central Council (UKCC) for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting. The Council is the regulatory body responsible for the standards of this profession. The document is in PDF format which requires Adobe Acrobat reader.

  • National Association for Practical Nurse Education and Service, Inc. - Code of Ethics for the Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse.

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