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No Angels

  • Channel 4’s No Angels - Provocative new ten-part drama series focusing on the lives of four young nurses in Leeds: Anji, Beth, Lia and Kate. Every day the girls face life, death and lunacy on the wards of St. Margaret’s; every night they let off steam, with a dangerous appetite for uncomplicated sex and unruly misbehaviour.

  • No Angels - Channel 4 UK  - No Angels, a new ten-part Channel 4 drama series focusing on "a gang of four young nurses who work and play together" has been attracting a lot of attention.
    To quote the publicity, it "explodes the myth of angels by the bedside. This is a witty and truthful expose of nursing in the modern NHS. Every day the girls face life, death and lunacy on the wards; every night they let off steam, with a dangerous appetite for uncomplicated sex and bad behaviour. And if the drugs don't work, it's probably because the junior doctor's taken them!" Manchester Online

  • A nurse's view: 'Ridiculous . . . but I want to know what happens' - Alison Benjamin monitors the reaction of a real staff nurse to Channel 4's new medical drama, No Angels.


  • Casualty - official site from the BBC

  • CASUALTY, British Hospital drama - Since it was launched in Autumn 1986 as a 15-part series, the hospital drama Casualty has grown into one of the BBC's most successful programmes. The Museum of Broadcast Communications

  • ER - Take a tour through ER’s rich history. Check out some former ER stars here.

  • ER (1994-present) - "ER" is arguably the best major health care-related US television series since "M*A*S*H," and it is one of the most medically realistic dramatic series ever. The Center for Nursing Advocacy

  • Holby City - official site from the BBC., Casualty's poor relation, seems to be hanging in there with the excellent Mr Anton Meyer (arrogance as an art) often carrying the show as consultant and enigma.

  • Scrubs (2001-present) - "Scrubs" is one of the best US sitcoms to debut in recent years. An irreverent, often hilarious show with gifted actors, it poses the question: what if a hospital was staffed by insult comics? The Center for Nursing Advocacy


  • All Saints - This australian drama, is set in ward 17 at All Saints Western General Hospital, and centers around the lives of the doctors and nurses who work there.

  • General Hospital - Afternoon UK soap that began in 1972 the same time as Emmerdale Farm (In 1972 ITV began broadcasting TV programmes in the afternoons for the first time).

  • JULIA, U.S. Domestic Comedy - Julia, a half-hour comedy premiering on NBC in September 1968, was an example of American network television's attempt to address race issues during a period of heightened activism and turmoil over the position of African-Americans in U.S. society.

  • M*A*S*H, U.S. Comedy - M*A*S*H, based on the movie of the same name (Director Robert Altman, 1970), aired on CBS from 1972-1983 and has become one of the most celebrated television series in the history of the medium. The Museum of Broadcast Communications

  • MASH 4077th HomePage - A comprehensive MASH site with sounds, pictures, fan fiction and trivia plus profiles of Hawkeye, Trapper, BJ and the rest of the characters.

  • Nurses guide at TV Tome - This sitcom introduced us to the staff of 3 West. Annie Roland (Arnetia Walker), head nurse, was a strong-willed working mom who was married to a fireman. etc. 1991 - 1994.

Nurses Comment

  • Prescription for Success - Medical-related TV shows continue to attract viewers who tune in to experience life-and-death drama. By Scott Williams October 8, 2002. NurseWeek

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