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  • A sharper image - Nurses strive to garner more–and more accurate–media coverage. By Karen Schmidt, RN. December 10, 2001. NurseWeek.

  • CNSA National Conference: DR. Kalisch speaks on the "THE IMAGE OF NURSING" - The January (1996) CNSA National Conference in Hamilton, Ontario was jam-packed with interesting speakers on a range of topics from nursing in the media to solidarity in nursing, promoting a positive professional image to men in nursing.

  • Current Image of Professional Nursing -  Dr. L. Andrews presents a Powerpoint synoposis on the current trends and deconstruction of harmful images of nursing.

  • Extreme Makeover - Nursing image campaigns employ advertising principles to play up perks of the profession By Phil McPeck. September 4, 2003. NurseWeek.

  • Image is everything - Replace media's fictional images by promoting nursing's true value. Carol Bradley, MSN, RN, California Editor

  • November 5 , 2001. Editor's Note. NurseWeek.

  • Image of the Nurse 24:10:02 -  In order to clarify issues relating to the history of nursing it is useful to spend some time considering the image of the nurse.

  • Image of the Nurse on Internet Greeting Cards - Sheryl Pierce, Karolyn Grodal, Linda S. Smith, Shannon Elia-Tyvoll, Aaron Miller, Crystal Tallman And Nursing 470: Research in Nursing Practice Class Members OHSU School of Nursing, Klamath Falls Campus Research Advisor: Linda S. Smith, MS, DSN, RN

  • Image overhaul - Media still are off-target portraying nurses. By Diane Sussman. October 23, 2000. NurseWeek.

  • Make Some Noise - Nursing must blow its own horn and promote itself to youth as an attractive career option. By Randall Peterson, MSN, RN. February 5, 2003. NurseWeek.

  • Nurses find orangutan "nurse" on NBC's Passions less than precious - December 16, 2003 -- The Center for Nursing Advocacy has launched a campaign to protest the use of an orangutan to play a character called "Nurse Precious" on the NBC soap opera Passions.

  • Nurses' healing hands control hospitals' care - Anna Velasco, News staff writer. (01/25/04). A generation ago, nurses took the orders rather than gave them. That is changing. Nurses are becoming top leaders in health care, as a look at the highest ranks in Birmingham medical institutions attests. Three former nurses, all women, hold the title of chief executive officer.

  • Nursing Identity and Image - Nursing is seeking its Identity and Image because we are on a change of models, we are giving up a exhausted and obsolete one that has served till now, but that is going to evolve to other more human (and less expensive) through a general mentality change, for it nursing science needs people with ability and initiative, ready to think and investigate from this especific point of view.

  • The Adventure Begins - Youth recruitment video promotes modern image of nursing. By Eric Rasmussen. March 5, 2001. NurseWeek.



  • Best and worst media portrayals of nursing for 2003 - The Center for Nursing Advocacy has issued its list of the best and worst media portrayals of nursing during 2003. The list highlights a variety of depictions of nursing--from television to the print media, from fiction to news, and from Milwaukee to Malaysia--that the Center believes deserve recognition, for better or worse.

  • Advocacy Group Seeks Support For “ER” Campaign - The Center for Nursing Advocacy seeks to increase public understanding of the pivotal role nurses play in modern health care by calling for more accurate, balanced and frequent media portrayals of nurses.

  • Nurses in Hollywood … Loretta Swit from M*A*S*H - By Nancy Fagan, Nursezone Feature Writer

  • Picture Imperfect - From Nurse Ratched to Hot Lips Houlihan, Film/TV portrayals of nurses often transmit a warped image of real-life RNs. By Eric Rasmussen. May 7, 2001. NurseWeek

  • Reel RNs - Nurse extras keep it real on the set of television's 'ER' to ensure authenticity and to help cast and crew give it their best shot By Bree LeMaire, MS, RN. June 4, 2003. NurseWeek.

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