Interactive distance learning for nurses

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Interactive distance learning for nurses

  • AACN White Paper: Distance Technology in Nursing Education, Assessing a New Frontier - The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) recognizes that technological advances are increasing opportunities to improve dramatically the quality of and access to nursing education.

  • Developing and Implementing an Online Nursing Course - Many basic nursing education programs prepare their graduates to care for a limited number of patients in hospital settings. However, the current trend is to deliver more health care to various community settings (Hunt, 1998). by Mary S. O'Neill. Assistant Professor, State University of West Georgia.

  • Distance Education Web Sites -  Electronic Journals, Library Services, Distance Learning Sites, Discussion Lists, Resource Tools for Distance Learning.

  • Distance learning - Health Science, Services, and Administration & Nursing. Campus Information. CollegeDegree.com

  • Distance Learning Is Changing And Challenging Nursing Education - AACN Issue Bulletin January 2000. The concept of using communication tools to bring education to far-flung learners is as old as the correspondence course, but now, burgeoning technology is allowing distance education to be carried out in ever more comprehensive ways. Video conferencing, CD-ROM, and the Internet are opening wide the doors of access to both aspiring students and professional nurses who want to advance their skills.

  • General Principles of Distance Education - "Taking instruction to the student through technology rather than the student to the instruction." G. Grimes

  • Going the Distance - Three nurses share personal accounts of the benefits, challenges of online education. By Sharon Hammond, Shirley Kelinske and Phyllis Tipton. June 13, 2002. Nurseweek.

  • IHS National Council of Nursing, Distance Learning - Taking advantage of in-services, workshops, and continuing nursing education courses is an important part of maintaining  nursing skills.  Due to the remoteness of many IHS/Tribal and Urban facilities, nurses may have limited access to educational opportunities.

  • Interactivity in Distance Learning: The Digital Divide and Student Satisfaction - Like any other complex communications infrastructure, the network connecting different locations of virtual classes in university systems has developed over time with differing combinations of synchronous and asynchronous communication technologies at the various university locations.

  • Learning about Distance Learning - This article provides the history and goals of a distance-learning demonstration project at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, as well as technical considerations, coordination activities, and instructional issues faced by the faculty. The experience gained through the initial project enabled the University to later offer credit-bearing courses on a regular basis via video conferencing.by Andrew C. Lawlor and Jeanne Rodier Weber

  • Learning from a Distance - Distance education has been defined as any formal approach to education in which instruction occurs in an environment other than a physical classroom with other students and an instructor present. by Carla L. Mueller. Monster Healthcare.

  • Lippincott's nursing center - Lippincott's Nursing Center features full-text continuing education articles, with graded online tests (for a fee). The site also has access to the American Journal of Nursing's CE series Nursing Rounds, forums for discussion, and tables of contents (some with abstracts) from Lippincott-Ravens nursing journals, including the AJN. 

  • Nurseweek - Nurseweek is a journal published by US based Nurseweek Publishing Inc., This is the online version, offering full text news items, continuing education for nurses, information on jobs, feature articles and further links to related sites. It is aimed at practicing nurses. 

  • Nurses' Experiences of a Distance Course by Correspondence and Audioteleconference - A qualitative research study was conducted to examine the experience, learning strategies, and reported learning of nurses taking a Nursing Issues course by teleconference or correspondence. Journal of Distance Education/Revue de l'enseignement ą distance (1991) Catherine E. (Betty) Cragg.University of Western Ontario.

  • Teaching at a Distance - Perplexity is the beginning of knowledge. -- Kahlil Gibran

  • Telemedicine Education & Training - Links to a number of online resources. Telemedicine Research Center.

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