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Mood Disorder Sites

  • All About Depression - Depression, it's causes, diagnosis, and treatment. Discussion board, newsletter, Web and book resources, news and research, and online assessments and workshops.
  • Answers to Depression - Depression information, causes, diagnosis, ebook on how to feel better and self test.
  • Beyondblue - the national depression initiative - Information about depression to consumers, carers and health professionals.  (SLOW to LOAD)
  • Bipolar Aware - Segmented definitions of common facts, descriptions of episodes, listed symptoms, treatments, medication and management thoughts.
  • Bipolar Brain - Description of illness, symptoms, diagnosis, signs prior to suicide, children and adolescents, causes, treatments, medications and clinical studies.
  • Bipolar Disorder - Manic Depression Information and Support - What is the disease, recognizing the symptoms, living with the problem, helping loved ones and support information.
  • Bipolar Disorder and African Americans - Mistrust of health care providers, lack of insurance, masking of symptoms, signs of illness, mania, depression, causes, it can be treated and links.
  • Bipolar Disorder: Chudler - Illness described, symptoms, how it affects the brain, treatment and links.
  • Bipolar Disorder Facts - Articles, description, treatment, history and information.
  • Bipolar Education - Illness defined, library, self assessment, support, resources and common questions.
  • Bipolar Home - Symptoms, treatment, understanding, chat room and coping for the illness in children and adults.
  • Bipolar Noise - Classifications, medication, treatment, support, work issues, news and research, struggles, poetry, art and links.
  • Bipolar Planet - Mailing list, links, writings, depression, mania/hypomania, reading list and jukebox
  • BluePages Depression Information - Information about depression compiled by the Australian National University's Centre for Mental Health Research.
  • Depnet - Online information - symptoms, treatment modalities, news articles and interactive support for teenage and adult Australians afflicted depressive illnesses.
  • Cell Health, Mood Disorders and Depression - Natural pharmaceutical grade mood disorder, depression and antidepressant solutions. Doctor clinical research affidavits and articles.
  • Coping With Bipolar Disorder - Join, chart, mood management, stop a manic episode, conquering symptoms, lithium and creativity, loneliness, tips for helpers and a mother's rant.
  • Cyclothymic Disorder - Diagnostic criteria as used by the DSM IV Handbook including symptoms, associated features, differential diagnosis, mood disorder episodes, causes, treatment, counseling, psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy.
  • Depression - Diagnosis and treatment of depression.
  • Depression - Patient Education - Patient Education on Depression, offered in English and Spanish.
  • Depression Advances - Treatment advances for major depressive disorder and resources from the pharmaceutical company, Eli Lilly - newsletter, PowerPoint presentation about depression and a symptom checklist.
  • Depression and Alternative Health - Links to articles on antidepressants, herbs and depression.
  • Depression and Anxiety Information Page - Information about anxiety and depression including signs, symptoms, treatment, solutions, product reviews, overviews of major prescription drugs, side effects, warnings and alternatives. (UGLY POPUP)
  • Depression Depot - Information on the causes and treatment of Major Depression, depression links, information on anti-depressants, non-drug therapy, and personal experience.
  • Depression WebWorld - Articles on depression and antidepressant therapy.
  • FyrenIyce - Advocacy, diagnosis, treatment, support, living and surviving, advice on job strategy, organizations and creativity. (Australian)
  • Harvard Bipolar Research Program - Research, description from DSM IV, illness defined, clinical tools and links.
  • Internet Mental Health - Illness description, diagnosis, rating scales, treatment, research, legislation, booklets, articles and links.
  • MAO Inhibitors An Option Worth Trying in Treatment-Resistant Cases - Article from Current Psychiatry Online reviews the uses, contraindications, and side effects of monoamine oxidase inhibitors for treatment of depression.
  • Mayo Clinic.com - Signs, symptoms, causes, risk factors, screening, diagnosis, complications, treatment and coping skills.
  • Medication for Bipolar Disorder - Antimanic, symptom relief, questions for your doctor, precautions, index and references.
  • MerckSource - Depression - Information and resources about depression and its causes.
  • Neurotransmissions - A concise introduction to the topic of mental illness, especially depression, with "Myth versus Fact" section and links to major U.S.-based mental health organizations and other online resources.
  • NIMH - Depression - Offers booklets and fact sheets for consumers and researchers. Listing of clinical trials and funding opportunities.
  • Perspectives on Bipolar Disorder - Family therapy, suicide, diagnostic considerations, for adults, children and adolescents.

  • Psych Central: Medications for Depression - A resource on the nature of antidepressant medicines. Includes category definitions, support forums, and live chat.
  • Symptoms of Depression - From SAD, PMDD, anxiety and mood disorders, to chronic and postpartum depression, learn about the symptoms of depression in women, men, teens and children.
  • Teen Depression - Information and resources about depression and suicide in teenagers
  • The Icarus Project: Navigating the Space Between Brilliance and Madness - Origins, purpose, Manic Depression, community forum, outside the mainstream, treatment, writings, art, tools and resources.
  • The ICD-10 criteria for Cyclothymia - (The ICD-10 Classification of Mental and Behavioural Disorders World Health Organization, Geneva, 1992)
  • The Other Side Resource - Information about adverse side effects of antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs, including prozac, paxil, and zoloft.
  • Women and Depression - Heather Ewart's e-book on molecular biology, the female brain, improved treatment of pms or premenstrual syndrome.

"The information provided on nurses.info is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her physician."


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