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  • eMedicine, Parasomnias -  Parasomnias are disorders characterized by undesirable motor, verbal, or experiential phenomenon occurring in association with sleep, specific stages of sleep, or sleep-awake transition phases. Article by Sat Sharma, MD, FRCPC, FCCP

  • Night Terror Resource Center - Sleep Terrors, Sleep Terror Disorder, Night Terrors, Pavor Nocturnus and then the mouthful DSM-IV AXIS I: 307.46 are just a few.

  • Nightmare Disorder - This disorder is typified by repeated awakenings from sleep with detailed recall of frightening dreams. These dreams are typically vivid and quite extended and usually include threats to survival, security, or self-esteem. Psychnet-UK.

  • Parasomnia - They are a group of acute, undesirable, episodic physical phenomena that usually occur during sleep, or are exaggerated by sleep. Even though parasomnias occur during different stages of sleep and at different times during the night they are characterized by partial arousals before, during, or after the event. Psychnet-UK.

  • Parasomnias - Parasomnias are disorders of arousal, partial arousal & sleep stage transition. Parasomnias may be classified according to the sleep-wake state during which they preferentially or exclusively occur. Parasomnias, Mateen Ahmed, MD. Produced by the Sleep Research Laboratory. The University of Chicago.

  • Parasomnias - Arousal Disorders Information - The Parasomnias are disorders that intrude into the sleep process and create disruptive sleep-related events. These behaviors and experiences occur usually while sleeping, and are most often infrequent and mild. They may happen often enough or become so bothersome that medical attention is required.

  • Parasomnias - The parasomnias consist of clinical disorders that are not abnormalities of the processes responsible for sleep and awake states per se, but rather, are undesirable physical phenomena that occur predominantly during sleep.

  • Sleep Terror Disorder - When a person awakens from a dream crying or screaming, they may be experiencing sleep terror disorder. Usually the person is difficult to wake-up and the episode may last several minutes. Once awakened, the individual is confused and finds it difficult to relay the detail of his/her dream. Sleep terror usually only occurs once per night. Psychnet-UK.

  • Sleepwalking Disorder - A person experiencing sleep walking disorder will get out of bed and walk around during the night. Many times, the person will not communicate and will have a blank stare on their face. Once awakened, the person seldom remembers the details of the sleep walking episode. Psychnet-UK

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