June H Larrabee

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June H Larrabee    



June H Larrabee



Middle Range Nursing Theory. Quality of Nursing Care.

June H. Larrabee, PhD, RN
Professor, WVU School of Nursing and Clinical Investigator, WVU Hospitals
P.O. Box 9630
Morgantown, WV 26508
304-293-2517 (FAX)


Her areas of expertise include:

Quality of Care
Patient Satisfaction
Patient Outcomes
Patient Perceptions
Context of Care

  • Quality of Nursing Care - A theoretical model of quality, based on an organismic worldview, provides a framework for understanding health care quality. (Information from Nursingtheory.net)

Co-authored articles by Larrabee: Interdisciplinary monitoring of medication errors in a nursing quality assurance program Larrabee, June H.; Ruckstuhl, Marie; Salmons, Joan; Smith, Lynn Journal of Nursing Quality Assurance 1991 July; 5(4): 69-78

Home Care Training For Family Caregivers Of Rural Elders - Rosswurm, EdD, RN, CS, FAAN (Principal Investigator) June H. Larrabee, PhD, RN (Co-Investigator)

A Pilot Study.  Volume 2, Number 1: Difference In Nursing Documentation Before And After Computerization. Sandy Boldreghini, RN, MSN & June H. Larrabee, RN, PhD. On-line Journal of Nursing Informatics. Volume 2, Number 1 Winter 1998.



Publications re the Model of Quality


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Publications re the Model for Evidence-Based Practice Change


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Other publications related to quality of care


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