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Portuguese Nursing Forum - (Babel Fish Translation  now available)

 "The Forumenfermagem (Portugal) is dedicated to all nurses that speak Portuguese and (English in discussion board only). Managed and developed by Pedro Silva.

Web Rings

  • Cardiology - Contains sites relevant to cardiovascular medicine including heart disease, patient information, and cardiac nursing.
  • Dames' Clinical Nursing Education Webring - Includes sites that offer content of educational value.
  • Fredys Nursing Peer Excellence - Targets websites developed by members of the healthcare team. This ring is dedicated to the nursing profession and to the devout medical caregivers who see and care for us at our most vulnerable.
  • Nurses On The Web - Developed to bring together nursing sites from all over the world.
  • The Nurses Lounge - The Lounge, A forum to seek advice, share experiences, and have some fun. Education, Over 800 CE courses available online now. Nursing Jobs, Explore career opportunities, nursing facilities. Resources, To save you time the Nurses Lounge has categorized hundreds of the most useful web sites on the net.
  • The Nurses Station - Webring of health care resources, by both professionals and the public.
  • Nursing Power - Open to sites owned by nurses or those involved in healing.
  • Student Nurse/Graduate Nurse Webring - Developed to offer both informational and fun sites.
  • The UK Nurses' Webring - Predominately for UK based websites.


  • Cyber-Nurse - Variety of chatrooms, plus links to mailing lists.
  • Emergency Nurse - A discussion group for those working in the Emergency Room. Membership required to post.
  • Hangout for Nurses - MSN group, including a discussion board and chat room. Membership required to post.
  • Just for Nurses - Gateway site, supported by Eagle Star Insurance, providing links to many areas.
  • NurseChat.com - Categories include travel nursing, jobs and nursing schools. Chat facilities provided through a Yahoo Group.
  • Nurse2Nurse - General discussion forum. Membership required to post.
  • Nursing Pocket PC User Group - Message board, chat room and documents. Membership required to use most facilities.
  • Nursing Times Community - Comprehensive forum for nurses in the UK. Part of the online publication. Membership required to post.
  • Practice Nursing Community - A UK based forum, to discuss topics relevant to this speciality, and to share documents. Membership required to post.
  • RCNA (Australia) Discussion Forum. - The on-line discussion forum is up and running again. Come and participate your thoughts and views are needed.
  • Yahoo! Nursing - Message board. Must be signed in to post.

Mailing Lists

  • CNA Mailing List - For discussion of the issues and responsibilities faced by those who work (or are considering working) as Certified Nursing Assistants as practised in the USA.
  • Legal Nurse Discussion Group - For medical legal professionals to discuss relevant issues pertaining to their discipline. Annual fee required.
  • Nurse Net - Unmoderated global group to discuss diverse nursing issues in the areas of administration, education, practice, and research.
  • Nurse Philosophy Discussion - To promote the discussion of philosophical issues in nursing.
  • Nurses Online - A discussion group for nurses and students to share stories, advice, knowledge, and experience. Not restricted to nursing issues.
  • Nursing Assistant - Discussion group to offer support, shared ideas and concerns, and humor.
  • Paediatric Nursing Forum - Discussion on all aspects of child health nursing.
  • PCNurse - For professionals who work with infants, children, and/or adults with Childhood Onset Heart Disease.
  • Psychiatric Nursing - A discussion forum for research and development.
  • RenalPro - For professionals to discuss ideas, concerns, new therapies, and bioethical issues related to nephrology, transplantation, immunosuppression, and renal disease.
  • Skepticism in Nursing - Special areas of interest include ethics of unproven therapies, the importance of critical thinking in nursing, and the development of evidence-based nursing.
  • Trauma.org - Discussion group for all persons involved in the management of the injured patient.

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